07 Yamaha Bikes in Vegas NOW!!!

is BIG BLUE STILL BIG BLUE???? Yamaha better not stroke us w/that white plastic like the 07 YZ!!! &%$#@!?


Dirty's Old School and in Dirty's feeble old mind, Yamaha is supposed to be Yellow.

You must be one of them young whipper snappers.

Bob Hurricane Hanna rode Yellow, Kenny Roberts rode yellow, my Dad rode Yellow, and you know, they all rode Yamaha's.

Anyone care to hear how I used to wrestle alligators and walked up hill to school in the snow?


Dirty, you are from the south, you have never walked to school in the snow :excuseme:

Want to ride up to OK with me for the Golden Eagle Enduro?


Ok, I've been caught.

Gotta level with everyone.

I live in South Louisiana, south of Interstate 10, I've never wrestled alligators, and it's never snowed here.

Can't make the OK trip this weekend. Around high noon today, I'm loading up the boat to catch some monster speckled trout in Big Lake south of Lake Charles. I hear they've been doing real well using dynamite.

I know I haven't been out with the riding group as of late, but the Boy and I have been going to the Spillway in LaPlace and I've been ripping up that 7 mile loop, pushing and riding harder so I can at least keep up with the Forest Hill Gang.

With no FI on the '07 WR's, I guess you're still going to wait it out awhile longer, eh?

I'm going to ride my fofiddy until the wheels fall off.

Ride hard and ride fast up in OK this weekend.



Dirty's Old School and in Dirty's feeble old mind, Yamaha is supposed to be Yellow.

Yamaha was only yellow in the 70's. If you were truely old school, you would know that yamaha were white before that! :excuseme:

xscuseless.gif ...SC
Yamaha was only yellow in the 70's. If you were truely old school, you would know that yamaha were white before that! :excuseme:

I don't remember that far back.

Many thanks for point out my shortcomings and failing memory for all to see.

Is this Monday? Where is that confounded Bridge. Number Nine, Number Nine.


I also remember that it was the USA road racing guys that started the yellow thing...

Not bad for 26 huh!

No EFI ??

I'll pass

me too!!!

me too!!!

Same here, time to build myself a computer and save up for when the efi comes. :excuseme:

I'm with Clark!

Yamaha was only yellow in the 70's. If you were truely old school, you would know that yamaha were white before that! :excuseme:

Here in the states YZ's were yellow from 1975 to 1984, then they were white from 1985 to 1995. In 1996 they changed to blue. In 1974, the first year for the YZ, they were silver with red stripes.

If I remember correctly in Canada they were white before they were white in the states.

Now it appears that it is about time to change the corporate colors again, based on the past timing :bonk:



On the matter of EFI. I am no expert but I can just look at the EFI on street bikes and cars and trucks and remember the old carb days and say. Bring it on. If the dirt EFI can compensate for altitude, barimetrics, temps, ect it will be awesome. The throttle response should also be faster. I cannot speak to the mechanics and if they will need maintenance (I am sure it will cost more), but with street bikes and cars there is alot less maintenance than carbs.


I'm with Reed90210. Carbs are dumb.......and bad for you according to my doctor. :excuseme:

EFI is the future, PERIOD. Your bikes WILL run better. I can't wait!! They may or may not have some bugs to work out in the first few years, but I fully believe the finished product will be AWESOME!!

Well Im glad now I bought my 06 and never waited to get the 07, I too would love to see EFI, like was said before, the 02 sensor just tunes the fuel mixture so it won't run too lean or rich, the mass airflow sensor and Intake air temp sensors also work with the Manifold absolute sensor to get the air that goes into the bike, these are what tunes it for altitudes, however in some automobiles, you have to do a restart for altitude adjustment change, no biggie but maybe the bikes will be diff......

Sorry guys, but no photos!! :busted::bonk::p

My buddy just called and said the Yamaha guys were WAY too strict on the no photo policy. :excuseme:

I guess we can all go to the website on Sunday and check it out.


thats some f*ckin bull $hit!!! :excuseme::bonk:

Ok, does someone want to explain to me why they think EFI is going to be great? Lets look at the EFI implementation on the Raptor 700, and *assume* the bike implementation is going to be the same:

* No O2 sensor = inability to adjust for altitude changes.

The whole reason EFI ever appealed to me was for altitude changes. I like the idea of being able to go to the mountains and not have my bike run like crap when I go from 8000 to 12000 ft. With the way they did the EFI on the Raptor 700, that isn't possible.

The only thing I see EFI bringing to the table is the inability to easily rejet the bike. Now, you need to have a computer to reprogram the stupid thing, or you need to buy one of those after market controllers that you'd then attach to the bike, to change the mixture with a button. Screw that, I'd rather have a few pieces of metal I can screw out of a carb to fix problems with jetting.

Sorry I'm a pessimist here, but I really don't see any value to EFI if there isn't an O2 sensor. If I'm horribly wrong here, someone please educate me.


Of course you cant re-jet a EFI. There are no jets.

Look at it this way, anyone who can use this here Internet thang could run thru 10-15 jet combinations a day without turning a screw.

And with an Al framed WR manual jet changes won't be near as easy as it is now.

Yeah, i have read the aluminum frame ends up transmitting more vibrations to the driver, makes it harder to access carb and rear shock, and if it's no lighter, Im wondering if it's really any better at all, and no EFI, dam......

the change to the alum. frame is part of the bigger make over. look at the new YZ's. it's more than the frame, it's a new motor to go with it. no more oil in the frame. no more external oil lines. the big question is did yamaha put some effort into taking off weight in the right places. a little here and there adds up. ever ride a 400/450 ktm exc in the woods? they're only about ten pounds lighter but they feel lighter than that in the tight stuff. sometimes it's no more than shifting the motor in the frame to get a different feel. let's hope yamaha took this change serious.

Of course you cant re-jet a EFI. There are no jets.

But you can change injectors and nozzles.........

Why you would need too though is beyond me, may be for a turbo or something? :excuseme:

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