Any Opinions???

On my 426 I am going to paint the sides of the frame with some 3m stuff that has a rubberized texture to it for grip and I think it will look better than the blue (which is mostly gone). My question is will it look weird having just the sides black? Should I paint the frame rails on the bottom as well?

Should I paint the sides of the airbox as well for even more grip?

3m stuff??

i was thinking of wraping the frame with grip tape and see how that worked but let us know how the spray works, i havent heard of that yet :excuseme:

depends on the grip tape, if you wear over the boot pants like I do, then it will just tear up your pants, the grip tape works well with Traditional pants and boots, but remember if your used to riding and sliding wont now..

for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Well its painted!! and it came out really well...Ill post pics tomorrow.

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