First major tune up in 5 years

For the past 5 years I've just done the basics on the WR: fluids,filters, small mods and such. Im goin on a 10 day ridin trip to Colorado this summer and want the bike to be in tip-top condition.(Dont want to get stranded in the mountains :bonk: ). I'm looking for some advise on what I should do/get checked before my trip. Valves,jetting,carb? The only problem i have with it is that it's sometimes a pain in the ass to start when the bikes' cold,(valves?) Other then that it runs like a champ. Thanks in advance.... :excuseme:

Check the valves, man. It is a quick job and and can avert catastrophic engine failure.

I would be going over your bike, checking every nut and bolt.

Now is a good time to lube all of your bearings up. Shock linkage bearings get a hammering. When's the last time you cracked the lid on some grease???

Check that your chain and sprockets are up to it.

Get some spare pre-oiled filters ready to take as well.

I would also put new 5wt oil in the forks.

Check things like your fuel lines, as over the years they can go hard and perish.

Put fresh brake fluid in as well, check your brake pads too.

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