Dealer who will plate a WR450????

Anyone know of a dealer who will sell me a brand new 07WR that is dual sported with a license plate and ready to go? As in I go and pick it up with temporary tags on it, then in a few weeks my plate comes in the mail.

Reason being, in Louisiana if the MSO says "For Off Road use only", you are not getting a plate, even if you have all the legit DOT stuff on the bike.

I would like to buy one out of state that is street legal on the show room floor, that way I could just go down to the DMV and show proof of insurance, pay the sales taxes, and be done with it.


Dealer here has done a few WR450s with Dakar DS kits installed and titled, ready for the road. Might want to do some searching there has to be other dealers doing the same.

Every single dealer in Australia will! :excuseme:

Ely, Nv did mine.

John in Vegas

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