Fileings in oil

Hey guys, I bought a 2000 yz426 a couple months ago and have only riden it 3 or 4 times, all short trips say 15 to 20 kilometers each. I decided it was time to change the oil. I pulled the oil filter and noticed small filings in the fins. I washed the filter in clean gas and saw that there was quite a bit of material, i dont have a magnet so i dont know if its steel, and i didnt see any brass. Is it normal to have some filings between oil changes, i know when braking in a new engine you will get some material on the first oil change. This is my first 4 stroke so any info would be appreciated. :excuseme:

Some crud in the filter isn't uncommon, most of it is likely from the clutch. Do yourself a favor and get a magnetic drain plug, it will catch a majority of the stuff before it reaches your filter.

I always have a little bit of metal on the filter. Like cowboy says I think it is normal.

Do like cowboy said, get a magnetic plug because it really helps to get the larger chunks. And just change your oil every couple ride to keep everything flushed real good.

A small amount isn't that bad... But if you have alot, there could be other issues... I was finding my screen covered with every oil change... I found the problem eventually when my cam chain wore a hole thru my cylinder and wall leaking oil from the chain being worn out...... Just watch the amount.


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