'05 style fork guards for a 426

Lightspeed makes some white plastic ones but I can't seem to find anyone who has them. I have been told ordering directly from lightspeed can take a long time. I read somewhere that the '05 factory fork guards won't fit on my '02.

I don't mind paying a little extra for the carbon fiber guards but I am concerned after a few rocks hitting them that they will look like crap.

Anyone have any ideas?

I will be changing to a shorter brake line to do the CR routing at the same time.

I had the Litespeed fork guards on my 04 YZ250F (now sold). They are white plastic and look fine. This is definitely the way to go if you are going to convert to Honda routing. You can also bolt on an OEM Honda brake line if you choose do so. They are a little longer than some of the after market lines. I think they fit better and a few bucks cheaper. We ran this with an EBC oversized rotor..good combination.

I ordered the guards thru my local bike shop not from Litespeed themselves.

I ordered mine from my local parts house. It took a little longer than other stuff, but I don't recall it was more than a week. They worked out well, BTW.

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