450 convert to 478?

So after 2 years of riding the wheels off of my 450 it looks like it may need a rebuild. My question is, are there big bore kits that work off of just boring the stock cylinder? And are they as reliable as stock? I'm not really wanting to pay $700+ dollars to convert my 450 to a bigger bore.

Any information would be greatly considered!

Paid almost less than half of that


and mine is just as dependable so far ... but with a lot more power and torque :excuseme:

You would sure benifit from the big bore..but I'm not sure about reliability. The way I see it the engine is making more power and therefore putting more stress on everything, but I may be wrong. Maybe pm grayracer he usually knows everything about these 426's and 450's. :excuseme:

Im having good luck with my 470 so far :excuseme: I have all most 2 years on it! I think I did the big bore at the same time I 5 speeded it :bonk::busted:

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