Suspension setup for tall 240lb. rider

What suspension setup is advised for a 6 foot something, 240 lb. rider?

I notice the front forks feel like they are taking alot of abuse and the rear suspension feels like it is too saggy.

I have tried different settings on the suspension but nothing too noticeable.

What can be done to make the bike more suitable for this weight? I would like to be more aggressive on the jumps and not feel like I am going to kill the bike upon landing.

Thanks in advance,


I believe it's a 10.5 shock spring. .47 fork springs.

Go to Race Tech's website, they have a chart.

For now, do you have the spring cranked down all the way for max preload?

RaceTech and Lindemann Spring rate charts are stiff. Not even the Baja race bike run as stiff as what Lindemann suggests but, there fork springs start at .48kg/mm so, I think that has a lot to do with what they try to sell. (.48kg/mm springs would be good for a 260 pound rider)

Barnum, Persion concepts, Xr's Only, Baja Designs use the same chart I have on my site.

As stated in the last post 10.5kg/mm shock spring and .47kg/mm fork springs would be good for a 240 pound trail rider. If you are going to race/jump you would want 11kg/mm shock sping.

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