XR600 Nitrous Kit

Does anyone use nitrous on their XR or know of anyone who offers a kit to use nitrous? Any ideas on strengthening the bottom end to hold up to it? I'm building a sand drag bike and would like to have the nitrous for short bursts while still having a somewhat civil engine that can be used to cruise the dunes. Thanks,


NOS, Nitrous Express, and Dyno Tune all have single cylinder kits that should work. I don't know how much a stock engine would take. It would depend on how big a shot, and frequency of use. You will need a battery for the solonoids to operate.

Boondockers makes a normally aspirated nitrous system that seems to have certain advantages. The nitrous shot goes thru and is metered by the carb. Seems MUCH easier to tune and perhaps harder to blow up the engine from a tuning mistake. :excuseme:

Keep us posted!

Thanks very much for the info. I'm a long way from getting the engine in shape, but hope to have it running in a couple months. I know you'll all hate this, but I'm turning my XR into a three wheeler solely for the dunes. I already have three bikes, including a KX500 so I'm not really in the need for a big dunes bike. I'll try and get a picture posted soon, it's really coming together nicely. A quick question, does an XR650 tank fit on an XR600 frame ('93)? I'm concerned about the location of the oil filler on my bike. I'd like to run an XR650 tank since it has the nice shrouds. I'm hoping I can get the shrouds out wide enough to clear my wider triples (Honda ATC350X triples). Thanks for all the help,


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