Minneapolis Anyone ???

Going to Minneapolis this Sunday for 4 days, anyone know of a good dealer for WR/YZ parts/aftermarket items/clothing in the area ?

Bobs cycle supply carries a **** load of aftermarket mx stuff.

They are on the corner of hwy 36 and rice street

I bought my wr from the hitching post in south st paul not far from minneapolis


Bob's Cycle Supply, St Paul, MN


Larson's Cycle, Cambridge, MN


I bought six bikes from these guys. Their prices are almost impossible to beat!!

Hooters Restaurant, Mall of America, St. Paul, MN :)



Missle, If you have never seen this GIGANTIC MALL, you really should check it out!! Gigantic IS an understatement for this place!!

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Missle, I live about 30 minutes from Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Bob's is about the best around. what are you coming into town for???



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NH Kevin....you are the second person to let me know about H :D:) ters in the Mall of America...I will be going :D

I'll be staying at the

Doubletree Parkplace

1500 Park Place Boulevard

St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Is this anywhere near Bobs or Larsons ??

Ronin, I work for Novartis Consumer Health (Ex Sandoz) and am coming to check out some new packaging technology my US colleagues are about to introduce for "enteral nutrition"....basically if you can't eat normal food (cancer, old, malnourished, surgical recovery etc) we can feed you with special liquid food via a pipe to your stomach routed either through your nose or directly thru your stomach wall :D


Bob's Cycle is on the east side of St. Paul, off of Hwy 36. Actually it is not real far from the Mall...

As for Larson's, Larson's is north of the Twin Cities about 45 minutes, off of Hwy 65, in Cambridge. I should extrapolate on Larson's. If you are looking for a BIKE, that's the place to go. I HAVE wheeled and dealed on parts & clothing at Larson's. They carry Honda, Yamaha, KTM (and Suzuki?).

For all gear, Bob's has the best selection by far.

One thing aout Minneapolis/St. Paul, these two cities, adjacent to each other, cover quite a span of miles.

If you can, hook up with one of our resident TT'ers, go to Bob's, then head to the Mega Mall for some brews, chicken wings (get the hotttest!! :) ) and eye candy. The Mall itself is unfathomably large.

Wish I could join you in my precious midwest United States and hometown!!

My Grandfather "Svenning" (Father's side) came from Sweden. Hence the name Lysdahl.

Missile: That was way too much information.....

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze, just be glad you didnt knock yourself into a coma, we would have been in there with a tube faster than you can say "YZ timing" :)

Missle, Thats kind of funny you work for novartis. I sell wholesale groceries to nursing homes and heath care. I am quite well aquianted to your products such as your "Resource" line-up. well have a good trip



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