BRP gearing corked and uncorked question

My corked P is lugging too much (IMO) to be in fifth gear up to about 45mph. Most of my roads are 40-45 so I spend too much time buzzing in 4th. Wondering if the extra power of uncorking lets it pull 5th at 40mph or should I drop a tooth up front? (or does the power of this bike make going smaller in front less advisable?) I have no need to go more than 70mph and I like low gearing, but then I've never had this kind of power before (dirt), and that's corked.


Uncork it ASAP its a different bike altogether then you shouldnt need 5th at 45 IMO

Definately uncork it, ride it, and then decide if you want to re-gear it.

my bike is uncorked with 14/48 gears. When i am cruising steady at 45-50 mph i use 5th gear and there is no sign of lugging it until about 35mph. So unless you have higher than stock gears 5th should be the gear of choice for 45-50mph. Uncork that beast.

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