Anyone remember the Tire-Balanceing Beads?

Hey Ya'll I haven't been around in a while, but a while ago there was someone mentioning that they tried some beads that are small enough to go into the valve steam and the centripital force balances the tire! They had great results and recommended them and since I will be putting my bike on the street soon I thought I'd try them!! Does anyone remember the name of the product/beads? I searched the forum and couldn't find it and I don't remember how long ago it was, probably close to a year!

Thanks Ya'll


Sounds like BS to me.

They actually work. People have been using bb's in big superswamper tires on large 4x4 tire's for years. The motorcycle store I go to has them. Look for Innovative Balancing on the web or Dyna Beads. No BS they work.

Dyna Beads! That was it! The fellow that used them really liked them expecially b/c it only took an ounce or two in motorcycle tires and it was cheap! But a couple of wheel locks on the rear of this beast doesn't help it balance! I'm gonna try them! Placebo-effect maybe but we'll see!

Thanks for the help!


PS now that I know the name I found a post with searching "Dyna Beads," Here on Thumper Talk

I use a half a bottle of slime at each end. it works well for balancing the tires, helps prevent leaks, and it is cheap.

I've used the dina beads allso and they work great. Once you put a rim lock on you need somethin to balance it out if your going to ride street allso.

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