Radiator lowering kits??

Does anyone know if there is a manufacturer of radiator lowering kits for a 2004 Yz450f??

I know Dr. D makes a lowering kit for Yz250f's, but as of now I think that's the only model they make them for.

Anyone got the scoop??

the frame will not allow a kit. THe upper hose does not have room to move down. There is a company out there that makes new radiators that are made lower. Call DrD about them.

Fluidyne or PWR I believe

I think the Fluidyne radiators are simply larger (i.e. provide better cooling), I'm looking to lower the radiators to get a lower center of gravity, i.e. better handling.

Plus those Fluidyne's are rather pricey....


I fired off an e-mail to Dr. D, asking about Radiator lowering kits.....

They replied they will only be producing kits for Yz450f for 2006 years only...

That sucks, I was hoping to get the radiators a little lower.

again , look at the frame. it is not possible with the frame. The upper hose has a hole in the frame that is just large enough for the hose. You will have to look into new radiators that are designed lower.

You may be able to get one of the many companies who repair our aluminum radiators to modify the cross over tubes (making them come up and over instead of just over) to allow you to move the radiators down. I've been thinking about doing something like that as well, but can't justify spending any money on the bike 'till I get MY centyer of gravity lower...

Thanx Matt for the clarification..... I wasn't carefully reading your post, and missed what you were implying. Now I get it.

Birdy, that's an idea also, although it's probably pretty costly......I changed my standard rear linkage to the Stormlink, and it definately helps the bike "fall-over" easier, and turn better, while feeling more agile. I was just hoping there was a cheap, easy way to make her feel even more nimble, via lowering the radiators.


MXA built an 05 YZ450 with lowered radiators....I will have to look and see who made them.

From the August 2005 MXA

"PWR Yamaha YZ450F"

""By reconfiguring the mounts, redistributing the core mass and working around the YZ-F plumbing, PWR moved a significant amount of water and radiator weight down 2-1/2 inches. This is even farther down than on Heath Voss's National bike. Best of all, the PWR radiator kit will be made available for any YZ450F owner who wants to avail himself of this works trick. PWR-lowered YZ-F radiators cost $449."

here is the website http://www.pwr-performance.com/motox.htm and it shows the YZ450 "low boys" at $398.

Thanks Satch for the info.....I sent off an e-mail to PWR as to whether their lowboy model will fit my 2004. They only list the 2005 model under the Lowboy, so I'm not sure they'll bolt up.


let us know what they say. :excuseme:

03-05 are the same. So you should be fine

The guy from PWR sent me an e-mail saying the 04 and 05 are the same.......(He didn't mention the 03)

Hmmn.....$ 398, I wonder what I could get for my stock radiators in very good shape?? Anybody know the going rate??

Has anyone tried them on a 04' model yet??


I bought a Doctor D 250 F Kit that I zam putting on my 450 this weekend. If I have to I will cut the radiators and extend the upper hose.

aford, let me know how it comes out......


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