Clark Tank and SDG - Ok for taller riders?

After looking at the search files on the 3.3 gal Clark tank and the SDG seat I was left wondering if this combination lowers the seat height much. I'm 6-4 and am a bit worried that going to this combination might be a bad move for a tall guy. I would like to lower the center of gravity on my 98 WR400 and get the slimmer feel of the YZ. Any thoughts?

I've got the Clarke desert tank and stock YZ on my YZ400 and it feels fine at 6'2".

Actually, going to the YZ seat/tank configuration doesn't effect seat height in and of itself. It merely adrresses the transition of the height at the juncture of the seat and tank. In WR configuration, the tank sits higher and prevents foward movement on the seat, most noticably when you are sitting forward to weight the front end for a turn. I've also noticed a better, trimmer feel at the knees when standing forward with the YZ seat tank configuration. I like it a lot better. But, unfortunately for me (I'm 5'8"), going to the YZ seat/tank did not get my feet any closer to the ground.

:) I did a bit of research today and found out that in 2 weeks SDG will have a YZ Seat with a tall seat foam which is supposed to fit up to a Clark Tank. This may be just the ticket for taller riders who want the slim feel but need some seat height.

I will buy the seat/tank combo from SDG and Clark seperately, but in the near future I'm sure Clark will offer the "tank/tall seat" package.

If anyone is interested I will post the results of my purchase.

I am 6'4 also and have the Clarke and SDG combo and I find it perfect. Previously I built up a stock seat to make it virtually flat but found it too high.


Jim Bob

Just curious, any problems with the radiator shrouds fitting up properly? Im not sure how the Clark tank compares to the stock in geometry.

By the way, how high did you build up the seat? Most taller riders I have talked to like a taller seat foam because they say it makes a smoother sit to stand transition. Either way, I'm glad to hear you liked the Clark/SDG combo.

Thanks for the input, these things aren't cheap and I appreciate all the advice I can get.

No problems with the shrouds.

I made my stock seat so it was almost dead flat from the tank to the rear guard. I had alot of trouble finding foam that was hard enough to not make the thing into an armchair. The volume of foam is just too great no matter how hard the stuff is you use to build it up with. I think if you were to build the seat up you would need to pull all of the foam out and build up the base with something solid. Then put foam on top of it. In the end I found the Clarke/SDG far superior. I like the narrow feel and you can still get further foward. I like the seat to be hard as well.

As for standing to seated with the home made job, it was ok, but I was always on tip-toes (even at 6'4 tall) when stopped and it was very awkward when you stopped halfway up or across a hill.


Jim Bob, Others,

what seat height are we talking about here ? I have no idea if I have low or high. All I know is that I have an aftermarket setup from One Industries and it seems low to me as my legs are really crunched. I am 6.3 with a 34" inseam.

Can some 'tall' people with 'tall foam' post their seat heights from the horizontal of their PEGS to the lowest point on the seat, their own height, and inseam length for reference ?

Peg to seat is approx. 21.5", inseam 33", height 6'4". I also raised my bars and use high bend bars. Hope this helps.


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