Ride Comparison

well today, I went out for a ride on the 450, I also had my 01 426 that my buddy was on. now I have done several mods to the 450 and the 426 is completly stock.....WOW What a difference... after riding the 450 for about 30 miles in the desert, and then switching to the 426 for only 3 miles....well...ill never ride the 426 again....I think I would use it as a boat anchor from now on...

for those of you that have the 426, go get the 450! what a machine!

I cant rave enough about it, especially when you have another bike to compare it to..


I was out riding my 06 450 and I decided to ride my 03 250f AND OMG :excuseme: the 250f felt like it was going 20 mph in 5th gear.

I just moved up from a 426 to a 450 and the new machine rocks! But the 426 is a great bike too, Still very competitive IMO.

when all i had was the 426, it was great, then i bout the 05 YZ250, and that was better,(untill it was stolen) and now the 450 is friggin awesome...it was is the Mutz Nutz!

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