06 WR450 air filter help

I was wondering what is the best way to get the air filter off of the filter guide and also what air filters and cleaning kits do you guys use? :bonk:

Thanks So Cail Al :excuseme:

no big deal: 1. remove the air filter from the air box 2.use a plastic rounded device to remove the center washer from the air filter cage 3.soak in warm simplegreen added water 4.let dry overnight 5.spray uni air filter oil or any other brand you wish 6.Use regular household bearing greese to make a seal between the air filter and the intake entrance, keeping any dust that could sneek by out 7.install the air filter to the filter cage 8.reinstall the center washer 9.re-install filter and cage in air box and your off to the trails. did you do the ais removal kit? i installed a flat filter between the right cover and the holes that you cut out of the box. just another way to keep out the elements.

this is what i do every 1-2 rides if not too dusty, then every ride. oil change and YAMAHA filter after 3-rides. pushing 40, i dodn't hit the hard ridin courses much.

Good Luck, Long Live Big Blue.....

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