cracked case

I was out riding the other day and i have always noticed a little dirt with oil on it on my bike, but i just figured it was from the discharge tube. Well, I came into my garage in the morning and noticed oil down my bike stand, not much but enough for me to check it out. Turns out that the right side on my engine case has a small crack where it bolts itself to the frame. The guys at my local Yamaha shop are sending it out to this guy and welding it up all nice from the inside going to run me around $700 cdn. Real bummer but do any of you guys know how it might crack? Its never hit anything and it shouldn't be from jumping it.


I had a small crack on the bottom of my case and it was leaking a little oil. I know this is going to sound like a rig job but I put a little JB Weld and it fixed the crack right up.

700$ for welding? is that normal?

Thats WAAAAAY to much just to weld up a crack like that. I would say $100 at the most. And thats if you want it really nice.. JB weld does just fine (as Gerry said)

This might be out there, but I have a 2004 YFZ450 bottom end for sale in peices. I know they are different but could work. Needs a crank and oil pump. Allin good condition. The crank went at 6 1/2 moths after new. Sitting in basement now. Even the gears as I have read will go in a 03-05 YZ450 bike. Thanks, Jeff

Oh its $700 for the shop to take the engine out and take it apart and ship it get it welding and but it back together. I just wish i was more mechanically inclined.

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