Case Covers

Need to buy some Case Covers for my WR450/250 and

TTR125. Anyone know who makes these.

My gear shifter poked a hole in my case after crashing

on a giant Rock.



I have a complete bottom end for a 2004 YFZ450 with 6 and a half months on(crank went at the 6 1/2 month mark) it in peices but all there and in good condition no broken parts. I have all the covers too. If you want one email or call 1-518-797-9208.

I was also curious if the complete gears will work in a YZ450 03-05. If it does its all for sale. Thanks, Jeff

Lightspeed makes a trick carbon fiber one for $189.

Try the TT store .I would go with the billet aluminum covers for around $150.STRONG

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