Sticky First Gear

Hi Just recently my 2002 650r BRP has been acting up on first gear selection eg when i stop and tap the shifter all the way down it would appear to be in first gear but when i then try to find neutral its not there. Couple of times i've stalled or gone to pull away in what i thought was 1st and then dragged the clutch as it was actually in second.

I have hade some adjustments to the clutch lever/cable but this doesnt seem to make any difference.

For the last 1000/1200 miles (1 filter 2 Oil changes) i've been using Castrol 10/40 Oil (not the friction reduction stuff!) and up till now its been running fine. Before this I was using Silkoline Synthetic Bike Oil.

My clutch doesnt seem to be slipping

The bike has now done 3200 miles from new and has been ridden hard on road and off, looked after and serviced but never raced

Can anyone shead any light on whats going on is my clutch or bush on its way out?

Any thoughts would be great

I went from Castrol to Honda Oil, and experience a similar problem. I'm back to the Castrol and the "sticky" first gear problem went away.

I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or not.

I have an L not R but first used castrol and had a very slight similar problem, switched to Motol synthentic and is perfect. But I would check your clutch, adjustment and wear.

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