Waterproofing Help

I am thinking about doing the WILSEYVILLE Hare Scrambles on Nov 18th. I have heard they have a few water crossings that can be up to 4ft deep :D if you take the wrong line :D And towards the end of each lap you ride about a mile upstream :) Need info on the best ways to water proof.

Ride Safe & Ride Often :D

Buy a boat?? You know you're going to take the wrong line!

1) Ride fast enough and you'll be riding ON the water !

2) Reroute your cam cover breather tube to the air box or higher, in case you need to restart in ball-deep water. (It sucks on starting and blows when running)

3) Dont stall

4) Grease the chain, bearings etc like hell before and after.

5) Drill holes in your boots so they drain, hell, rip holes in ALL your clothes so they drain.

6) Re-install your air box snorkel/cover so the filter doesnt take a direct hit if water sloshes in ?

enjoy your damp weekend

Unkle Moose,

Sunruh has a great web site for setting up your YZ/WR bike for racing.

It specifically addresses the 250F although these mods will be the same for the 400/426.

I have done these mods to my 250F & have since ridden through some pretty deep & long river crossings with no engine problems. The only difference is I run my valve cover breather hose under the tank & into the air box. Just make sure it isn’t kinked too much thus preventing the air flow.

Website links & comments from Sunruh are:

“the motor WILL suck stuff up if you stop it. It will NOT suck stuff up if it is already running.

how i've changed the valve cover breather hose

how my buddy Bill C. changed his hose

the vent hoses WILL pull water into the float bowl if ALL of them are submerged. we fix this by routing the two that loop over the carb into the airbox.

the left vent hose going to the airbox

the right vent hose going to the airbox

the vent hoses in the airbox “

Uncle Moose good question, I had no idea Wilseyville had that much water. Looks like I have work to do also. Are you riding the Polka Dot Qualifier this weekend? Sounds like we will be getting some rain. Doug

Aftershock Not gonna make the 49er, hoping to make Wilseyville. My cousin is comin up from LA and wants to ride saturday. Don't know if I can get a kitchen pass for both days. As long as we egt some rain I don't care where I ride.

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