I have 6.6 acerbis tank troubles

I tried to install the 6.6 fuel tank on my 06 wr and it doesnt fit. I called Acerbis/Scott and they said that since the tank is new for them and they dont even have one to look at, they really dont know what is going on with it. They had me take some pics of it and send it to them, but still nothing (to be fair to them, I didnt get them emailed till 430 fri). Told them there was a guy on here that had no problems with his. ARin, they wanted me to ask you if there was anything special you had to do to make it fit.

Has anyone else here had any fitment problems? I know ARin has the blue tank, Ive got the natural one, but they should have come off the same production line, therfore they should be the same. Please help, I need the fuel capacity for the 4th of July weekend 4 day trip.

John in Vegas

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