Inexpensive XR650L Windshield

I cant understand the need for a windshield on a street legal dirtbike..

but living in San Diego I suppose it never gets cold enough of too hot to really need anything loking funky on your bike.

I have ridden in some cold weather (50s for us is cold) and in 100+ but a 2liter camel back with ice in it made that a no issue really. But I really dont like the look of windshields on dirtbikes or even Harleys for that matter. I did enjoy having one on my CBR1000 when breaking 180mph...was needed then for sure


I'm not a big windshield guy, either, but riding my XRL interstate a bunch made me install two things particularly.. A Scotts steering damper and a Cee Baliey's windshield.

The windshield works well as a bug-stopper and is a little easier on the bod for long road rides.

The steering damper reduces a lot of twitchiness in the bike from truck gusts and such.


Cee Bailey's makes a nice one for $92. And it's specific for the L.

Any of you guys long-haul the L??

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