Rear Sprocket help!

I ordered a rear Moose sprocket from Dennis Kirk for my pig and there was only one set of holes for mounting. The pig uses a tapered bolt that matches a tapered hole on the sprocket, Dennis Kirk is telling that this is the right sprocket for my bike and to use it even through it does not have tapered mounting holes. Is there anyone out there that has any info on the different mounting holes or have used a non-tapered hole sprocket without running into problems.


If you have a stock rear wheel w/tapered sprocket bolts on your xr650r then you must use a sprocket that has countersunk tapered holes.It sounds like you have recieved an xr600/650l rear sprocket by mistake.So........ if you were to mount this non countersunk sprocket up w/your stock bolts you will more than likely have a failure,bolts will come loose,oval the holes in the hub,or break the hub.Bad scene,big dollars..............renthal part#154u-520-48 oem gearing

Ok, thank you for the help, I will send it back

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