best engine oil?

I'm trying to find the best engine oil and filter for my 06 wr450 right now i have the stock oil filter in and i ma using maxum4 premium 10w40 oil what would guys say the best oil to use is I'm thinking of getting some AMSOIL but i read not to use a full synthetic oil until about 500 miles and right now I'm at about 300 so what would you guys say? :excuseme: thanks

You will find over a dozen threads on this and a TON of opinions but my vote id for Rotella synthetic

Amsoil is a true POA (polyalphoalefins, also called synthesized hydrocarbons) group IV synthetic oil. I use it and highly recommend it. I switched to Amsoil at 400 miles and could've done it sooner. Engine is well broken in and burns no Amsoil now at 10000 miles. I use a reusable Scott's Micronic stainless steel mesh in billet aluminum oil filter, and change oil every 620 miles. (1000 Kms)

I have a very good pdf on motorcycle oil comparasons. Of course its published by Amsoil but it is very imformative.

Go here and select the G2156 - Motorcycle Oils White Paper

Its the 3rd from the bottom.

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