Thanksgiving at stonyford

Ok I talked to the rangers today and they said davis flates will open on thanksgiving day YA-HO so ever one that is planing on going for the yealy t-day camp out and rides let me know I'll keep check with the rangers and make sure nothing changes.


Heya Monty!

I think our group is camping at little stony.

We expect around ten riders.

Ok SFO maybe we can hook up, I'll post with details when we get all done.


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That's great news. I would like to join you if you're still riding on Saturday. Will take some logistics for me as I will be visiting family in Shasta and will have to find alternate transport for me or my wife and kids back to Sacto area. If Saturday is on I'll try and figure something out. I'll also email Roseville Mike and see if he is interested.


John we will be ridding all weekend friday,sat,sunday,Ya'll come on down


SFO are you camping at mill valley or at letts lake bring lots of blankets,it gets cold up there this time of the year,but it's a nice camp ground hope to see you up there.


More rain at stonyford this week that will make it some of the best riding all year over the thanksgiving week end.Talk to the ranger today and davis FLAT is still on for T/D\.


Our group will be at lower letts, I was just informed.

Wednesday through Sunday.

Stop in for a meal, beer, or cocktail...

Going to forrest hill with streich tommorrow.


Sorry guys, I can't make it. I will be laying on a beach on the Kona Coast enjoying beach and the sun with my family.

Mike in Roseville

I was told we are camping at lower letts lake campground.

I look forward to seeing you.

Just got back from my weekender up at Stony. Stayed in a cabin at Board Camp up near Letts Lake. It was cold with ice on the puddles. What great riding weather!

My quads are burning today so I know I had a good time. Wow my stabilizer investment was worth its weight in gold!. Trail 3,4, 6 and all the 32,33, 35, 36, 43 area is where we rode and it was GREAT. You guys will have a great time!



The last time I was at Grizzly flats I had a pretty good crash in some sawed off manzanita. Luckily I didn't get hurt, but my radiator got tweaked. Well I didn't realize how tweaked until yesterday. It's got a couple of good stress cracks in it. Doesn't look good. Thinking about sending it to Mylers. Definetly needs to be repaired.


Who is going up and When? Mike in Silicon Valley if you want to come up, I can bring a spare bike for you to ride. I can bring the KTM and the WR. My WR is running really good. So don't let not having a bike stop you. :) Paul

Any of you going to have cell phones?

Distinguishing marks?

How do we organize?



If you're serious about the loaner I'll definitely take you up on it. I think I'd feel better riding the KTM though....... :) . Let me know. I'd be coming up early Saturday morning for a day ride.


My cell # is (408) 230-0804. If you haven't already hooked up with the gang by Saturday morning give me a call and we'll meet!


SFO my cell phone is 707-479-2742 (monty) i'll be in davis flats white ford F350 patio hauler trailer,If you want to come on down and camp with us.We can hook up friday morning at the top of potatoe hill above mill valley camp ground around 10;30 to 11;00.


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Hey Mike don't forget to bring your custom seat off of your bike :)

Lower Letts is closed til tommorow, and the ranger discouraged its usage.

We are back to lil' stony.

Denise(my ol' lady) # is 1-415-336-4052.

We are leaving tommorow morning.

One crew is already there with a 34' adventurer moho.

Black ranger pickup, Green neon, and assorted yz's and ktm's.

Y'all are invited!

Hey guys, my cell number is 916 769-9143. See you up there on Saturday. Mike, like Monty said, I will bring a bike for you. Paul

Silcon Mike your still coming arn't you? Paul is bring a extra bike for you to ride, so bring your seat it's a WR400.

monty :)

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