Thanksgiving at stonyford

Thanks Paulie,

I'll be there Saturday morning around 9:00 am.


Monty gave me a call this morning from Stonyford. He's parked in the far right end of the main lot. For those of you that don't know he drives a white 3/4 ton ford truck and tows a 35' patio hauler fifth wheel.


Let us know how the ride went. I want to hear all the war stories :) .

Monty, Paul & myself went riding today up at Stonyford. The conditions were brutal. Rain, snow, wind. Extreme conditions. The main creeks were uncrossable so we avoided those. We rode towards one mountaintop and got caught in some serious snow. The hands and feet were numb. Paulie was kind enough to let me ride his WR, thanks again Paulie. He also let me ride his new KTM 520 for about 10 miles! That bike is AWESOME! It felt like a mountain bike compared to my WR. And if anyone thinks the magic button is overrated, believe me it isn't. Don't mean to bang the orange drum but I think I know the color of my next bike! All in all a fun ride. Didn't get to hook up with Bill (SFO), maybe next time.


We rode Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The first two days were brilliant.

The new tires stuck like velcro and I had to adjust my brain for the new speeds that we were reaching.

I got my bell rung on Friday. Hit a tree and remember lieing on the ground not wanting to move. I remember hearing my bike idle and thinking about how good it ran.

Someone takes my goggles off and shuts off my bike.

I didn't reconize him, I thought this could be worse than I thought if I don't reconize my buddies.

It turned out to be someone else, he chewed my ass out for going to fast and told me to slow down. At this point that is all my brain was capable of.

Our Ranger freind nixed my arrow pipe with the sparky inside...

I ran my stock pipe and didn't feel any difference...I think I'll try the vortip.

I also ended up going down to a 155 main and the bike really woke up.It was gurgling on the uphills with the 162.

BTW, my ol' lady rode every day with us.The snow was brutal. The trail disapeared and the logs were hidden. She was a trooper.

I still see her coming down lil' sullivan... Locked up and sideways but not crashing, she really got a chance to confront her fear of downhills on that one...

We have been talking about buying a piece of land up there to stage from, and make a lodge.

Anyone interested?

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