XR650L New Clutch time

My Clutch works "OK" but can not be adjusted any more .

So I would like to rebuild my clutch.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks Ed

There are 2 places to make an adjustment. At the perch on the bars, and at the other end of the cable at the engine. If you have used up the adjustment at the engine the clutch is completely gone! I've never had a clutch go that far, they always start slipping on me first. If you don't clutch the bike much, the clutches last a long time. If you abuse that clutch, the motor can fry it in short order. Ask me how I know. :excuseme:

If you do need to replace it, the first thing to do is drain the oil. You can do it without draining the oil. but then you have to come up with a way to hold the bike with a 30 degree left lean while you do the work. Remove the kickstarter and rear brake lever. Remove the right side case cover. The most difficult part is dealing with the gasket. It is really a pain to remove. I normally don't try and removing it, I just use a little silicone RTV to seal it again. If you go the RTV route, be very careful with it, if there is too much and chunks come loose inside the engine, they can screw up your engine.

With it open, all you have to do is remove the 4 bolts that hold the clutch in. Discard the old ones and install the new ones. Soak the new plates in oil first. The springs do go bad. That's what killed my last clutch. New ones are cheap insurance.

Reassemble, and readjust the clutch lever free play. The last time I put new fiction plates in , there was a bit of a break in period. I needed to re adjust the lever free play a few times.

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