yz 426 valve clearance

Advice please,i have just fitted a yz450 exhaust cam in my 426,the inlet cam clearances are spot on but exhaust are a little on the large size, approx .28mm when the manual says .25mm max.Bike now starts real easy (allthough have only just noticed exhaust header glowing red when in work shop)The big question is do i really need to strip and reshim just for the sake of .05mm. Thanks for reading

Specified clearance is .20-.25mm. Your clearance is .28mm, which is outside that range. So, yes, you really do need to adjust that.

Rode my bike with new cam in and it felt a little flat,decided to take your wise advice and reshim,it was only then that i noticed that my cam was one tooth out (clockwise),moved it round a notch(anti-clockwise) and now the beast is back in town! thanks

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