06 WR450 Rear Shock Removal

I just picked up the heavier springs I needed for my weight, front and rear. The fronts went on real easy. I've got the manual and it looks like the only way to get the shock off is to remove just about everything from the gas tank back. Does anyone know of a better or faster way to do this? The manual calls for even draining the coolant! I have one of those Sears Craftsman motorcycle jack things so lifting it is not a big deal.

Any help you can give is appreciated!

Can you give us a step by step on how you swapped your front springs, I have to do mine very soon.

You need to remove the seat(2bolts), side panels(two bolts)and muffler (3bolts). Then loosen upper subframe bolt and remove the right and left lower subframe bolts and swing the subframe up to the handlebars. Restrain the hinged subframe with a bungy. Then work on the shock.

Can you give us a step by step on how you swapped your front springs, I have to do mine very soon.

I wouldn't just swap springs, the '06's have even softer valving than the '05's.

Soft valving makes the suspension less compliant over the small bumps and less progressive for big hits. It makes for slower steering too, as feeling very harsh. People think their suspension is too stiff, but truth is it is too soft and riding too low in the stroke.

Spend the money and get a revalve. Trust me, been there, done that. Heavier springs just F@#& up the suspension even more than it is stock.

If you really want to find out the hard way, with your bike on the stand and front wheel off, unscrew the fork caps. Push the fork up from the bottom and the inside of the fork will come out. I think from memory, it is a 17mm spanner you will need to slide in between the top of the spring and the fork caps. The shaft has a nut on it that you will need to hold as you unscrew the fork caps off the shaft. Springs just come out. Reverse the process and you are done.

I just took off the front wheel, fork guards, brake caliper, and loosened the 4 bolts on the tripple clamps. I then did what you said but with the forks off the bike.

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