Kehin FCR Carb's-Those little phillips head screws

Anyone know of a non-stock, non phillips/blade head replacement for those little gold philips head machine screws?

I did some quick searches, and came up empty... just thought I would ask.

I was thinking either a hex head, allen head, basically anything but those wimpy screws. I almost killed one trying to get the stock accelerator pump cover off a crf250.


Maybe A New Product Idea?(I seriously doubt it, but I may be selling them on ebay soon...)

I replace all the philips with allens. You just have to be careful not to overtighten. They make the philips soft on purpose so it's almost imposible to crack/strip the aluminum carb body.

Take out all your screws and take them to an Ace Hardware (or is it TrueValue?). They have an excellent fastener selection. Match up your old hardware with allen head versions.

While replacing all the main jets on my CB750 Honda, I replaced all the float bowl screws with HEX heads.

I was hoping to find ALLEN bolts, but couldn't.

If you have never pulled a set (4) of carbs off a street bike to access the main jets...oh what a joy!

Head to pretty much any hardware store with one of your to-be-replaced bolts and match it up. You may have to file / grind down the replacemnt to the correct length.

ace hardware has 3/16" long or 1/4" long panhead screws (i forget the length but they fit well) that require an allen wrench to turn them. way better.

Thanks guys. I love this site.

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