what tires

what tires should i use for my rmz that are good for all around? hard packed dry dusty to wet slick and muddy? :excuseme::bonk:

the maxxis max cross IT is a great rear tire, the front is ok but not great. Right now i'm using a Dunlop 952 rear and a 756 front. I only have one race on the pair now so as far as wear characteristics go i can't say much but most my buddies have been using the 952 rear and its been lasting them for a while.

756 is a great front tire as long as it doesn't get too sandy, I'd rather be in deep mud then sand if I have that tire up front. The rear 756 is about as great of a tire as I've ridden however it is pretty soft and tends to wear out rather quickly. Still the traction is awesome. I've also heard great things about the michelin starcross tires

ty for the replys, i now know some of the best tires for all conditions

thank you again :excuseme:

Definately Maxxis IT's. They suck to put on and are a little heavy but they last way longer than anything else I've used.

Dunlops in my opinion are not worth the money at all. I have Michelin Starcross MS3's and they are amazing.

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