Track in NC or VA

I was on my way to the outer banks a couple years ago before i was into riding and i noticed there was a track shortly after the bridge tunnel. anyone know what i might be talking about. i am heading down there again this weekend and i was thinking of stopping to check it out. any info would help thanks

Don't know if it is the one you're talking about, but Elizabeth City is on the NC side.

Here's a link.......

Currituck Motocross, or CMX is just a couple minutes on the Carolina side of the border. It's a pretty nice track. They have a beginner track with all tabletops, a stepup, and like a 2 foot double. Then they have a pit bike track and a big track. I've heard the big track is hard, but when I rode there it was my first time riding on an mx track (been a big woods rider for 3 years before), and I didn't think it was bad at all. Most of it is big table tops, a stepup, and two real big doubles in the back corner.

Well it was Currituck Motocross. Thanks for the help. i stopped there on my way down. track looked pretty fun and the guy i talked to that worked there was really cool. next trip down there i'm bringing my bike. thanks again

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