CRF 250R not starting...

I have been trying to fire it up for a while but nothing works. I already changed the spark plug and there was no difference. I ran the bike with the choke on for a while. I noticed it was on because when I would gas it deep it would bog and I thought it didn't have any more gas, but then I went to check it out and it did have gas. Then I noticed that I forgot to push in the choke. I don't know what to do anymore. I've been kicking it trying to fire it up but it doesn't do anything. I don't know what else it could be. Does running the bike hard with the choke on hurt something other than the spark plug???? please help me... I don't want to send the bike in for inspection, when it could be something easy to fix...


Are you getting spark?

seems like your valves tightened up.

check if your getting spark then check your valves cause my intakes recently closed up pretty much and they bike would barely even start.

yeah I'm getting spark, but still I went ahead and changed the spark plug and it did the same thing. It even made a loud POPPING noise a few times. When i gave it a little gas before I kicked it, it did that POP noise. I don't know what to try anymore... the owner said he had just had the valves readjusted, but I don't know much about what's going on. Thanx for the replies... any ideas on what to try next?


Check your valves. Your intakes have tightened up.

What do you mean by this? Do you think it is something that I can fix? Or should I just take it to the shop? I don't know what to do with the valves. Also what was the reason for the valves to tigthen up? thanx for the replies...


Is it for sure that that is what's going on with my bike? What is the reason for that happening? Please let me know, again thanx for the replies. That other post was great, all the pictures and everything, but still I think it is a little hard for a beginner like me...


Find someone who is somewhat mechanically inclined that knows

what a feeler gauge is. They should be able to show you the things that

are not clear to you. If the bike is getting gas, and has spark (both easy to

test) then more than likely your valves are tight and they need adjusting

or replacing.

No offense meant, but I am assuming you know how to start your bike when it's

been flooded and that's not your problem.

same thing happened to my mate, turns out that he dusted his motor and the valves melted to the top of the piston !!!

My money is on your intake valves as well. Same happened to me. Follow the previous link provided. It's really not hard if you go step by step. You probably need to shim, but as I understand, you (as I am) will be on borrowed time for valve seat cutting and valve & spring replacement. I'm on my second shim, and expecting some head work soon. How many hours on the bike?

So what if it is that the valves tightened up? Or someone told me that maybe one of my valves could be bent, but that they could fix that easy. What should I do? Get some new valves (if so where will it be best to get them?). Or take it to a shop and try to get it fixed there? How much does this usually cost? thanx for the replies...


Man how many times do we have to hear this, it's the valve clearances 99.99999% sure.

I'm just trying to find out what to do next... I know it is the valves for sure, but what should i do next? just follow that post about how to fix the valves or what? because some people were talking about the piston or the valves melting or something like that so I don't know what else to check... damn guy... chill out a little, im just asking. :ride:


Check your cam chain timing..

my friends old kx would push start no problem with ease...

but we could not kick start his bike..

Turns out his timing was off by 2 teeth..

If not that than your valves are definitely too tight

Bano you need to watch this video, imagine your billy BTW. lol

Nah I wasn't getting at you, I'm sorry anyhow, we hear this all too often that's all.

Im probablly going get some shit for saying this but is there chance you just flooded the thing when you shut it off cuz you had it hot with the choke on. Someone was messin with my bike while it was off and just twisted the throttle, damn did it take some kickin, open the throttle wide open and kick and kick.

Man I don't know, it's just that a lot of ppl have different opinions and I don't want to pay for a FULL vale job when it is something that could be easily fixed. I know all this sounds redundant, but the money that I am going to spend on that could be useful for some suspension work or something. I have not tried kicking it anymore, since all of the things that have been said on this post have put me to think. I tried push-starting it and it did not work, I changed the engine oil because it seemed to be that it had gas mixed with it, I also changed the spark plug and nothing. I don't know how much this is going to cost, anyone got an idea of how much this will be?

Now that I've got attention, a friend of mine bleeded some nitrogen out of his 04CRF250R, thinking that since the front suspension needed to have those other screws taken off before stiffenning or softening the suspension. I hope you guys know what I am trying to say. Will this hurt the suspension in any way? he said that it was only a little ppsssst, but that he got scared and closed it right away. please let me know how this can hurt the suspension.

Regarding your bike, have you checked your clearances on the intakes? Don't waste your time or money on anything else until you do that. It's all on the link that was provided (and in your owners manual.) If you are not mechanically inclined, take it to a reputable shop or a freind who knows how to do it and see if they can shim it (them) to spec.

Regarding your friends forks, he needs to get the bike on a bike stand (front wheel off the ground) to bleed the air out. Don't do it while it's on the ground.

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