whats it worth??

im thinking about selling my 2004 kx250f, the bike runs awsome and there are absolutely no problems with it at all. Extras include:

-renthal twin wall handle bars

-oversized bar mounts

-pro circuit ti-4 silencer

-pro circuit titanium wide foot pegs

-pro circuit water pump cover

-sfb ignition cover

-renthal chain and sprokets

-2006 grippy seat cover

i wanted to get around $3600 for it but im not sure what to ask

any suggestions??

04's are going for 2800 to 3000 around here. what i would do is put it back to stock and sell for like 2800 and then sell all of your aftermarket stuff on ebay. that will get you closer to the 3600 you are looking for. just a thought :excuseme:

i sold mine for 2500

ebay one just sold for 4. most seem to b sell 2800-3600


i sold my 04 for 2800, with all the aftermarket parts included...but i agree, some of that stuff will sell easily on ebay...

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