valve problem??

okay so yesterday I went to a practice track and rode 4-5 hours. Towards the end my bike would stall like it didn't have gas. I checked and I had plenty but I added more just to be sure. Anyways, the problem continued but today when I went to ride it up to my house to clean it, it wouldn't crank. My dad and I both tried it. well I changed the spark plug because the other one did look fouled but that still didn't help. So we drained the gas and refilled it with new gas. But that didn't help either. :excuseme: So my question is..could it be the valves? Any help would be appreciated...Thanks

Yes it is most likely a valve problem. You can get the adjusted and they will last a bit longer. I would recommened paying the money and getting the stainless steel valves installed.

Perhaps hot start plunger seized in carb? Has happened to me on my 250r.

thanks a bunch..i'm going to get my valves adjusted tomorrow. and if that doesn't fix it(which it probably will)..then I am going to check my hotstart. once again, thanks

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