roadworthy XR650L ?

Howdy Ya'll,

I recently purchased a 05' XR650L with the following mods; Dynojet Stage 1 jet kit, Big Gun Exhaust, and K&N filter. The gent it was purchased from kept the stock items as part of the deal to resell. The bike seems to run fine and has plenty of power for a old fart like myself, although I have one question to pose? Would this bike be a better on-road machine w/ the stock components ?

Thanks ahead of time !

i have one that is pretty stock and i am doin mods to it that you have. it will run better with them


stock will get better fuel milage but it is lazy to say the least

How you ride it makes a bigger difference in gas mileage, then the carb mods.

Using stock sprockets (15-45) and conservative throttle you should still get anywhere between 45-50mpg road riding :excuseme:

Thanks for all the replies ! Looking forward to traveling some old roads and finding/making some new ones.

please done make new ones. that helps get stuff closed down


Actually - uncorked on the street it runs better and lazily loafs along at 55-60MPH and also arrives at the speed easier too. Acceleration is improved and the bike runs cooler. Stock it is stuffy and inhibited, but the milage is better. I run mine about 60/40 street and dirt, it is uncorked with a dynojet main 165 and a 55 kehin pilot, White Brothers E2 pipe, Uni filter, snorkle and smog junk removed. It pulls like a freight train on steroids.

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