1st RIDE on a 300

Thanks to MrSmooth...Scott, he offered to let me ride his new 300 and now I understand why all the great woods guys are riding KTM's. This bike was very different compared to my WR, thinner,lighter and the transmission was buttery smooth. Although I only had about 10 minutes of ride time, I have definitely put this bike at the top of the buying list. Still curious about the 400/450 xcw, Other than the 300 2 stroke motor, can anyone give their incite to the thumpers in the woods?

SCOTT, thanks again for trusting me with your machine. :excuseme: MARK

heavy,tiring,hard to start if you fall off,

I have a 450mxc, put 1200 miles of trail riding on it so far (got it in 04). The 4-stroke ktm's have a real strong mid-range and good torque right of the bottom. Just what some people like for trails and such. I am very pleased with the woods performance XC trails.

SCOTT, thanks again for trusting me with your machine. :excuseme: MARK

My pleasure. Good luck with the decision, I don't think you can go wrong with either.

Got rid of a 426,bought a 300 and I"m happy as a pig in shite.

heavy,tiring,hard to start if you fall off,

The 450 is the same weight as a wr250 which I sold, 250lbs isnt that bad to flick around trees but loosing 25 lbs to the 300 would be that much more fun!

The 450 also has an e start vs a kicker...shouldnt get to tired pushing a button. The hunt is on! thanks for the info Gents

until you get in a bad spot and kill it 20 times in a row and then the battery is shot and you never learned the kick routine cuz it has a button, I saw it happen....................

I'm in love with my 04 300 EXC. Pretty darned good bike. :excuseme:

The 300 is THE bike. However, a 450/525 is a fantastic bike but you feel the extra 30 lbs. over the 2-stroke. They handle and ride awesome and in all the years my buddies have never had a dead battery on a ride. :excuseme:

My buddy's 450 & 525 KTM's always felt like porkers compared to my 300's. Not that they're terribly handling bikes, though.

The 450 was outgunned by the 300 everywhere in the powerband. Even off the bottom. My 300 just has a smooth strong off-idle surge, the 450 seemed to just make a lotta noise.

The 525 was about a dead-on match in straight up acceleration to my 300, but the power was very different. Huge torque and power at lower RPMs, then fell a little flat up top. Great motor if you really like to work the low-end everywhere.

These bikes were EXC and MXCs. I'm sure the 450 XC is a different story.

Wow do I sound biased.......

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