Went riding with a Husaberg 501 yesterday

I asked a lot of my DRZ yesterday, chasing after a Husaberg with a good pilot aboard, someone who is a serious rider and signed up for the Vegas to Reno off road race in the "Ironman" class. Yea, I got left behind in the whoops, but not so far behind that I could not catch and pass him (twice, on the way out and then again on the way back) when we went through the rock section. Time to take the shock off her for some "Burned" therpay though. The back end felt like a pogo stick at the end of the run!

The fact that I even entertained the idea of running her hard enough to keep him in range, and actually pass him in the nasty bits says a lot about our bikes. The thing is a street legal dual sport after all. He was pretty impressed. I got more credit than I deserved as everyone underestimates the capabilities of a decently ridden DRZ.

That Husaberg was impressive. I know they are tempermental and all, but I helped him load it into the truck. The thing was weightless.

Nice to hear you hung in there!

You know a bike is kindof a dog when you have to constantly post on how its "really not that slow". No offense, and I still love my Drz.

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