Best cam? Best bore kit?

I have a 2005 crf250x, i used to ride it on trails, now iv taken off my pants goin balls out on it. I love speed and scary to ride stuff, so im totally decking it out to make it better than the R model, but with a light and electric start. Im tryin to get it to pull up in all gears if i can. I dont really need a top speed as much as i would want a fatty roost and big wheelys, no more than 50 or 60, but i want to be able to pull it up in all gears and me able to take it to the track and own some. What about the Ice cube bore kit? Are bore kits that hard to install? I totally stripped my dirtbike down when i did some other stuff to it, rejetted and everything else no problem and i used to be a mechanic at a chainsaw and small engine shop. As far as cams, i mean shimming them and getting them perfect, i plan on getting a more heavy duty valve kit(know of a good one?), are cams that hard to install? :excuseme:

I have a '05 crf250R with a fully modded motor. First of all you will need about 3 or 4 thousand dollars to spend on the motor to build a mod bike similar to mine or you could go less expensive and build a big bore. All in all it still costs money. You might be better off starting with the R and building one of them since they start with an advantage stock. Mdk Speed equipment will be offering motor kits soon. You can check out Their site is underconstruction but should be up soon with a online store.

im in the same boat. not soon. but in about a year, i want to make my bike best possiable wicked power, without buying a 450. since i have a 450R at hand, but like my X better.

im gonna get the ice cube 302 kit. spose to be insane. and its not "too" expensive for what ya get.

if i had the ability to do what i want right now, like you, i would..

302 from ice cube

keep stock gearing so its low enough to lift up in all gears like you said (i want that to, like without workin hard)

IDK, im way of base, but if you can use the stock cam, im assuming you can use an aftermarket cam as well with the 302.

so get the 302, with a stage 2 hot cam. since the 302 adds huge down low-mid, the stage 2 (top end) cam would make for good high end power as well as huge low end.

and in reality, you could add a stage 1 hot cam (down low-mid) to the 302, and go with a 13 front sprocket to keep a little more control. that would be beastly.

i think thats what your lookin for. at least thats what i will end up with

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