VT rides


I live in the Burlington, VT area and also frequent western MA. I am always looking for new places to ride. Any sugestions welcome.

I am looking for tight woods. You can shout back here or pm me. thanx


Burlington VT? There's no ight woods up there????

Ya there is, but alot of the land is bought up by rich retired out of staters whose 1st investment is NO TRESPASSING signs.

The more i ride the doors start to open.

So i am always looking for a new trail.

another problem is there is a lot of untrailed woods with to few riders to keep the trails in good condition.


i hear ya. i ride mostly in quebec. its easier. a place that looks cool is a town east of you called Eden or Edens Mills. its abandoned asbestos mine that has huge dune like sand mountains. ive never been there but ive been to one like it called thetford mines in quebec that is really cool, and was told by another vermonter on this fortum that rides in Eden. also, in Chelsea Vermont there is whats called the vermont 100, which is an endurance race. im going to try and check it out. it was july 1st-and 2nd but has been post poned due to rain. have to check www.netra.org for when it will be rescheduled


Thanks for the info. I am willing to travel. I have never raced, however I think I will give one of those a whirl. If you want to ride some time give me a PM. I also have two boys 9 and 11 that ride.

Thanks again


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