Lighten up my 06 WR450F

Im looking for ideas on how I can reduce the weight of a 06 WR450F. This next pay day, Im doing the air induction kit and putting a YZ rear fender. So far I Have removed the small exhaust baffle and put in the YZ throttle stop in. I would like to lose 15 pounds if possible.


shoooda got a YZ.... WR's are not track bikes. they like to screem in wide open areas or just cruise the tight back trails. they are heavier because they need to be, lights, battery, e-start. ect..... tonight at 9pm you could get on the YAMAHA website and see that the 07 WR w/ Alum frame may not even be any lighter. good luck, go big blue!!!!

i have an 05wr450 and the best way i've found to lighten it is to quit eating so much.a mx bike it ain't




One trick to make the bike feel/handle lighter is to put on an IMS tank, but fill it just part way. You can hold the same amount of fuel as the stock tank, but because the fuel is held lower (vertically) the bike's center of gravity is lower.

Plus, you've also now got a tank that will take you 60+ miles rather than the 40+ of the OEM tank if you choose to fill it completely.

So far my biggest weight savings have been

Headlight replaced with acerbis diamond

FMF TI pipe

YZ rear fender+ led lights

Trail tech computer

Thats all ive so lame :excuseme:

I think the next ones worth doing for me is

E line carbon skidplate

Titanium rotor bolts

Titanium sproket bolts

Misc large ti fastenings

inner alloy, steel outter rear sproket (still havnt found the one i saw

STM clear clutch cover

I'm not sure what the stock WR pipe weighs but I recently picked up a near new 05 titanium YZ pipe. It weighed in at 4.8 lbs and is a direct bolt on replacement.

I gotta believe the stocker weighs a good bit more.

The way to loose 15lbs straight up is loose the E-start and starter gear.

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