bike wont run

i reshiummed my crf250 about 12 days ago b4 leaving for greece

after shimming it it started first kick, and i gave it a few revs and turned it off

i accidentally left the fuel on

now it took forever for it to start, and i had to twist the throttle 2-3 turns before it would start, when it started it would not idle at all, and would run really crappy, and backfire at half throttle

can the fuel gum up in less than 2 weeks, and cause backfiring, or is it the valves

i am unbeleviably pissed off right now :excuseme:

JD, not sure what is going on, but if leaving the fuel on was going to create a problem, it usually will be flooded and you would have to hold the hot start to give it extra air, or hold the throttle wide open for extra air. If you had to twist the throttle a few times for it to hit, thats sounds normal or a lean condition. All it takes is one speck of trash over an air correction jet or fuel jet and presto you know have a studder, pop or stumble. You might can get away with pulling the fuel screw and blasting carburetor cleaner in there. If you do that, it will be flooded and you'll have to hold the hot start to unflood it. Keep us posted.

Oh, on the valve issue, it's certainly possible there is a valve clearance problem, but if you had adjusted them to tight, it probably would have been hard to start right away. Don't rule that out completely, do some basic visual checks first.

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