"S" vs. "SM" chain buffer and guide

Hi all,

Just put Supermoto tires and wheels on my 2004 DRZ400S. Front is a 120/70R17 and the rear is a 160/60R17. The tires are Avon Distanzias and the chain is very close to the rear wheel, actually a lot closer than I would like (almost rubbing). I plan on getting the rear wheel off-set, once I can find someone that is capable of doing the work here in Northern CA.

I have noticed that the swing arm chain buffer and guide on the SM models are different. The front chain buffer is obviously different and the rear chain guide near the sprocket also has a different OEM part number.

Has anyone ever installed the SM chain buffer and guide on the S model? Is it recommended?

The actual swingarms are different. So the chain buffers are different also. The chain can rub the tire and not hurt anything, it will quit after a little while.

Thanks.. I thought the chain buffers would swap on either the ""S" or "SM", but now I'm not sure. I guess there is no need to worry about it.

If it ain't rubbin you are fine. I had to have more offset added to mine but it still rubs a bit with some 160 series tires.

Not too bad though. Next go around I am just going to use a 150 anyways.

Yes I have installed the SM chain buffer and guide on the S model.

The mountingholes are excatlly the same but since the swingarms is a bit different U have to scuff some materia away from the guide to make it fit :excuseme:

Had the rear wheel offset to 5mm and everything is perfect now with the 160/60R17 Avon Distanzia rear tire.

No more chain rub :thumbsup:

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