Do I need clutch work?

I recently replaced the clutch lever (after a small wipeout bent it 45 degrees) and fiddled around with the manual adjuster. I now notice that the clutch catches only when its almost all the way out. I'm not sure if I just f'd up the adjusters or if I need clutch work. Here's the skinny...

It's an '05 WR450 with approximately 400 trail miles PLUS 8 motos at local motocross tracks. I wouldn't say I abuse the clutch but I do use it to both upshift and downshift. I change the oil after every third ride. I may have overdone it in my last moto burning the clutch out of the corners...not sure.

I know I should rip it apart and look for myself, but hey... I work 50-60 hours a week and have 3 kids I keep busy in the meantime does anyone have an opinion as to whether the clutch is spent or do I just need to play with the adjusters?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Could use an opinion or two...


Start with an oil change (wet Clutch)

Then adjuster nut on lever (mine maxed out with 3200 miles) but still works ok

then new clutch, I have one ready to go in, 180$.

Thats all I got.

Is the cluthch cable adjusted properly. it may be too tight by my understanding you need at least a 1/8" FREE PLAY between the perch and the lever . I don't think that you have that many miles on it for it to be destroyed.

Did the clutch perch get pushed out on the bars? This would cause your cable to be too tight. Other wise rotate your adjuster toward you, (the rider) until you get the right adjustment........

Good luck :excuseme:

Theres 2 adjustments too! The big black knob (fine adjustment) and the small metal one (big adjustment).

I lucked out. I brought it in and turns out that (so far) the clutch is NOT spent. Needed some adjustment...thats all.

Thanks to everyone that replied. Us mechanicmorons need all the guidance we can get!


you paid for a clutch adjustment... YIKES!!

I had the bike in there for other stuff so I had them look at it while they were in there tinkering around...

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