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Eddie, got the DUT needle, Thank you!!

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Just to let you know, I recieved the DUT needle on Fri., I got to tune with it today. I had to make changes on the main and pilot, ended up with a 145 main and a 48 pilot, 1-1/4 turns on the fuel screw, with the DUT on the 4th clip. 35 leak jet. The quad runs very good, no bogs or stumbles, very little popping on decel, launches hard and pulls clean everywhere. Keeps the a/f meter in the 12.5~13.5 area at steady cruise on all circuits. Thank you again very much, I appreciate it!

Just curious, while cruising in 4th or 5th gear, if I nail it or do a fairly quick throttle roll on, the a/f meter will jump to the low 14's, then drops through the 13's and settles down in the mid to high 12's as the engine is pulling. It doesn't stumble or anything, it's running good, I was just wondering if that is normal? I can go bigger on the main, and the jump on the a/f meter isn't as high, but then it's richer when it settles to it's lowest point. Should I leave the main alone since it's running good?

Thanks again for the needle and for all the help.

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