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Going to look at an '01 DRZ400s tomorrow...

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...what should I be looking for.

I already told the seller I do not want him starting it at all tomorrow and I want the thing stone cold when I get there. He agreed to that.

The bike has 3700 miles and everything supposedly works. He went down one tooth on the front sprocket and that's the only mod done to the bike.

Any advice on what to be looking for would be greatly appreciated.


Mike O.

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As you probable know.. Ease of cold starting. Clean running. Look for coolant leak at the water pump, check the engine side covers for damage and repair, remove the skid plate and check under there also. Look over the sides of the engine as they protrude outside or below the frame,,many a used bike have been found to have been smacked on a rock at some point and "fixed" for a quick resale.

Look at the counter shaft sprocket,, leaking oil? built up dirt behind the sprocket?? if so,, expect to find the spacer rusted and both it and the seal needing to be replaced.

Look at the rear fender and subframe from the rear,, is it off set? Most S's will bend the sub frame if dumped hard and the back end takes a hit.

Stock bars.. They are bent, or will be soon :busted:

Wheels straight?

Sprockets and chain in good shape? Can you pull the chain off the rear sprocket?? If yes and see daylight.. It's time for new stuff.

Look at the cam chain tensioner....many an older DRZ (pre 203) have had the auto CCT fail....A aftermarket manual one will be a nice looking hunk of aluminum, if it's not there, budget $60 for one.

Wheels rotate freely? if your serious about checking the bike out, remove the rear wheel and feel the bearings as they rotate by hand.

Ask him if the steering head bearings have every been serviced??If not, chances are they are rusted and or dry as a bone... Same with the suspension linkage.

2001.. Service the suspension,, the linkage mentioned above and fresh fluid.

Have $10 in your pocket in cash.. If you've mostly decided to buy it,, offer him $10 if you can drain the oil,, and decide you do not want the bike.. Drain the oil in a clean container,, look for sparkling metal products, or any chunks :bonk:

Check the bottom of the forks for damage, common to hit a rock and damage. Lift the fork boot.. oil? water and or dirt? pitted fork tubes?

The rest is pretty much common sense, if it looks beat up,bent, worn,, it probable is :excuseme:

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