Does this sound like "headshake"?

I get this "shake" for a lack of a better description. It's hard to discribe. I can feel it all the way up to the handlebars, it's not constant but it starts and stops about every 2 seconds. I can see the front forks actually move,, like they vibrate for a second and stop. This is right at the axle, bottom of the forks. At first I thought it was due to the tires .. I should mention this is on the road at speeds anywhere from 50mph on. It will actually go away over 70ish. I have the Maxxis C6006 DOT 50/50 tires. I'm running 17.5 psi in them. Do you think this is a wheel balance thing? It's kinda what I'm thinking. Can you ballance these wheels?


06 525 EXC... I haven't touched the suspension settings except to make sure they were set at the defaults.

Whoa dude that's wayy tooo much air in those tires. For 125/250/250f/450 you want to run anywhere from 10-13 at most in the front tire and 9-12 in the rear tire. Having too much air pressure in your tires can cause the front wheel to slide around not gettin traction giving the impression that something is up with your forks... The reason for running so the pressure I showed is becuz as you riding the tubes heat up and add an average of 2-4 lbs of air pressure on top of what you started with... You can also have to much or not enough rebound.. Compression also plays a big role. Need the right amount to be stiff but not too stiff that it wants to deflect off the bumps instead of absorb them. Also not to soft becuz that also gives a bouncy feeling and sacrifice traction.... Your wheel bearings can also be outta grease thus making them wear down to the point where the wheel actually can wobble side to side in place.

Any time I've been on a bike that would shake You didn't have to ask if it was shaking or not YOU KNEW IT WAS! A bike will mostly shake on decel going through braking bumps and it will bang the steering stops on both side HARD and about the only way to get it to stop is to get on the gas hard and start your braking over Head shake is not a vibration, it is an oscillation You may have a out of balance wheel

BogDog gives a pretty fair analisis of head shake, it is one of those things that really gets your attention!

I have no experiance with that tire but kinda suprised by Honda28's pressure concern? (my dirt bike has 12, my street bike has 38 why would a dual sport not be in between?)

What I think you are seeing is just normal vibration of a big single causing the forks to flex. I have not had a single that does not do this on the road.

To balance the tire, just block the bike up, if the wheel moves to one location that tells you where the heavy spot is. Opposite, at the light spot take a roll of solder and wrap a spoke, then try again.

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