Kx 65 help again bike is a nightmare

well,I do a oil change after every 3 rides usually the rides are 45 min long,

Every time there seems to be like white condensation on the little Glass Oil check thing is this bad,

My dealer said to change the oil but god every time It Happens

Now i went riding yester day and my bike wont hit the power band it like surges like its trying to and then it wont, More problems,

The biggest question is do you think i should sell it and get me another 4 stroke??

Its really all my fault cause I convinced my parents to get my a 2 stroke used to have 4,Nothing but problems,

Is your oil Milky like when you drain it?

Relax...there are almost always issues you have to solve when you buy a used bike, especially a little smoker. Good thing is they are relatively easy and cheap to solve.

I don't know what your bike's problem is...but my first thought is that somehow your coolant is getting into your oil. Could be simple as a gasket.

Relax dude. Did you get a manual yet? If not, I would get one of those before I did anything else.

Is your oil Milky like when you drain it?

drain the oil again & like 598 asked is the oil milky when you drain it?

if not then its just condensation. if it is milky, coolant could be contaminating the oil, check the oil level is it to high? check the coolant is it to low? if coolant is entering the crankcase both conditions should be present. my sons bikes both have a milky look through the sight glass, when i drain the oil it's fine :excuseme:

MAke sure your not leaking coolant into your engine, but thats what it sounds like. Take it to the dealer and ask them to look at it, because no offense this is above your head. If coolant leaks into your engine it blow the whole motor, top end and bottom end. You will need an entire engine rebuild, it happened to my friends kx100 so check the gaskets in the engine. Also check your coolant level, it might not be noticeable, but check it anyways.

what r signs of a blown engine,cause the bike is now sluggish ,wont hit ower band

Do you drink coffee? You seem awful spastic for a young adult. Answer the question:



"Now i went riding yester day and my bike wont hit the power band it like surges like its trying to and then it wont, More problems"


Relax and try to take things one step at a time before thinking the worst, okay? Take a deep breath before you post again, think through what you want to ask and answer these questions in BOLD above.

I wish you lived closer so I could fix your bike and get you back on it and off this board "freaking out". :excuseme:

do u see me frekin out shut up,WOw allthings moto is so much better,But some of you ppl on here are nice,some are not,if ur not gunna help dont reply ok, Im GOing to change my oil and my coolent, And change my plug

do u see me frekin out shut up,WOw allthings moto is so much better,But some of you ppl on here are nice,some are not,if ur not gunna help dont reply ok, Im GOing to change my oil and my coolent, And change my plug

Listen up Junior.

Re-read my post and tell me how I'm not trying to help.

I've tried to stay away from this, but maybe you should really just ride a bicycle. It's more your speed.

You cannot spell, you have no sense of proper grammar and every . single . time you post you are in "emergency" mode.

Let's go over this one more time:

1. Is your oil that you are draining out of your bike MILKY??? Condensation on your sight glass is one thing - it does NOT mean you have a problem. IS YOUR OIL MILKY? This will tell us "ppl" if you have a coolant leak into your engine or not. IS YOUR OIL MILKY WHEN YOU DRAIN IT?

2. Bravo on trying a new plug.

3. Why are you changing your coolant? You shouldn't need to do anything to it. If it is low it might point to a leak inside your engine.

Answer questions 1 & 3 please.

P.S. "do u see me frekin out" Yes. Your post is titled: "Kx 65 help again bike is a nightmare".

Your bike is NOT a nightmare - you are new to two-strokes and need to learn, however, you lack the patience you need. That's why we're telling you to relax - you just need to learn some new tricks and you'll love two-strokes once you do.

This again? I thought we decided you should take your bike to a mechanic. If you cant figure out how to put oil in the bike you have absolutely no business wrenching on it. The bike is a nightmare? Please. How about taking the bike to a reputable shop and have the mechanic go through it. Replying to this post is really a waste of everybody's time since it will neither resolve your problem nor answer your questions.


what r signs of a blown engine,cause the bike is now sluggish ,wont hit ower band

where in NY are you located?

amherst and y

I fixed it with the help of all things moto

the oil wasnt milky so i dont know wat wrong

Hey dude we have 3 kx65's that my son races and one time we put some synthetic, not mentioning the brand, into and had the same problems your describing. We drained it very well and went back to the Bel Ray gear saver 85w and have not had the problem since.

Try a new plug and oil, also check your coolant level. Signs of a blown engine? Your bike wouldn't start or even kick over. I would take it to a mechanic and let him check it out cause this is the same thing that happened to him. The bike got sluggish then he headed for home on the bike and it just locked up and stopped and wouldn't kick through. If your coolant levels are dropping and your oil continues to come out milky stop riding the bike.

Hey bud I had this problem on my kx80 back in the day and the problem was coolant leaking into the transmission.

If you where my kid.. I'd :ride::ride::ride::p:p:ride::ride: But, then I'd feel like :ride::ride::ride::banana: SO, I yield. meathead.

the oil is fine i just am now fouling pugs there black im going to run a hotter plug but just a question wat does the hotter mean is its better

The problem is, you have to ride a two stroke wide open or you are going to continue to foul plugs, I've had my bike a year and I only changed the plug once. Just run the bike wide open, don't ride it like a four stroke.

took it for a long ride still white on the eye hole

i got a hotter plug and its ridin nice

ride it like two stroke wich means keep it in a lower gear at a high rpm and you wont foul plugs

a hotter plug means the spark is hotter see the numbers on the plug those tell you how hot your spark is

take for example a 00 rm 80 (my buddys bike) the stock plug is a ngk br10es but he runs a br8es

also just a tip considering you dont know the symptoms of a blown engine you might wanna think about gapping you plug

lol im still laughing at that " what r signs of a blown engine "

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