I need lights!

I have an 03' RM two fiddy :excuseme: and would love to find a way to put a lighting coil on it. I know that with some bikes, you can use a coil and stator from a bike that comes with lights and put them on a MXer (WR system on a YZ250F).

Any ideas out there? :bonk:



Do a search on here for e-line lighting coils. You will find mostly everything you need :excuseme:

Take a look at this site:


Do a search for part # EX74-782. Fits '03-'06 125/250.

I have an '01 and have been thinking about the same thing.

Ive heard that there is about a 90% failure rate of that type lighting coil. If you seriously need REAL night riding lights...get the e-line. Its more money at $450, but it's worth it. You get almoat 200W of lighting power, and the magnet effect is lke adding a 11oz flywheel weight...which is awesome for riding in the woods...or anywhere for that matter :excuseme:

E Line (Kevin Hines company) makes a good stator for your bike. Baja proven. Call him up. Steny :ride::ride:

Ricky Stator makes good stuff as well, although I have no experience with their products personally.

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