Carb question, TE510

I've been reading all these threads on jetting the FCR carb. My bike works pretty good.

Still, I have an ATK 605 with a Delorto 40mm carb without AC and it works great. Simple jetting and bike runs fine from sea level to 10,000 ft.

I also have a spare carb, and "idle minds!" Anyone try a Delorto on a late TE? :excuseme:


I like Dellorto's, I'd do it. A FCR has more parts than my WR125's engine, even a Dellorto with an AP is a pretty simple device.


I am not here to act the devils advocate, because it's fun to play, but every new modern 4 stroke dirt bike is using the FCR carb,,,, from championship winning Hondas, Yams,Suzs and Kaws to the all mighty KTMs who are winning many if not all the important offroad series championships around the world.

I think no matter how astute your Dell Orto skills are, even the nationalistic Italians are using the Keihin FCR after trying the Mikuni on the first of the dual cammers. I think only Gas Gas does not use the FCR ,,because they are fuel injected, Best of luck, Rob

I have never run a Delorto but would be hard pressed to beleive that it has the quality or adjustability of the FCR. They are just a few well know tweeks from perfection

norm,go fishing or something but dont put that antique carb on a TE 510!!!dan


I have more imagination than ambition!!

The bike runs too good to change carbs. I'm just curious if any one has tried it.

Besides, Im still un-packing and settling in to my new house. I haven't time to ride the bike, let alone try impossible componant swaps! :excuseme:

norm,go fishing or something but dont put that antique carb on a TE 510!!!dan


Shall I go fishing with my old fly rod or something high tech from Bass Pro shop?


ok norm, no more excuses, me and YamahaGinger are going riding July 4th. Come join us. We're slow but you need to get that 510 in the dirt. You don't know what you got there.

Come join us. I haven't decided where yet. I'll make a post in the CA forum. invite the gang

Hey BigBob,

Very timely! I finished the cabinets in the garage today and should have everything put away and the cars and bikes in the garage finally this week end. I actually got the bike out today, started it and took a spin around the neighborhood. My son-in-law tried it too. He rides a CR500 and was IMPRESSED.

Next week should be dirt week! Maybe I'll even find my two pairs of gloves and my camelback when I put stuff away!

Norm :excuseme:

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